Services for Publishers

Project Management Services coordinate multiple aspects of each publication's development. If you're short staffed, we can handle a project in its entirety, overseeing its production from beginning to end, or we can help you with specific tasks such as author relations, editorial schedules, or permissions. We have specialized experience in producing updated editions and new titles in an ongoing series.

Editorial Services meet all your text-related requirements. We can provide original writing, developmental editing, substantive editing, and line editing.

Art and Design Services provide for the visual aspects of your project, including illustrations, covers, and page layouts.

Pre-Press Production Services, including typesetting and generating page proofs. Our staff can help ensure that your hard-copy publications are ready for the printing press and that your electronic publications are ready for uploading.

Services for Authors

Manuscript Assessment is a process that examines your manuscript and offers feedback. We can give your text a close reading, provide an analysis about what is working and what isn't, and offer suggestions for resolving problem areas.

Developmental Editing helps you focus on the organization and coherence of your content. A developmental editor works with you to shape a manuscript, identify areas of deficiency, and formulate a plan to address elements that need attention.

Substantive Editing is a process that looks more closely at a fully developed manuscript. It examines a text's expressive language with an emphasis on elements such as sentence structure, word choice, clarity of meaning, and consistency.

Copy Editing scrutinizes a manuscript on a line-by-line basis. Its primary focus is on text mechanics such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Copyediting cannot produce good results when a manuscript requires higher levels of editing.

Production Services help self-publishing authors get their manuscripts ready for distribution in print or electronic forms. Specific tasks may include cover and interior design, the creation of illustrations or logos, typesetting, and file formatting.