"Wordwright has delivered our projects on time, on budget, and at or beyond our high expectations of quality." —Matt

"I have learned a lot and you have been great to work with. I truly appreciate your honesty and patience throughout the process." —Kim

"You've been a joy to work with: thoroughly professional and always gracious, understanding, and respectful." —Rob

"You were exactly right in thinking I wanted meaningful feedback about changes I can make to better connect to readers. The praise was nice, too. I have been unsure whether or not I could connect with readers. I now feel more confident." —Liz

Sample Reviews from Some Past Projects

Pain Sourcebook, Fourth Edition, "Excellent for ready-reference uses and can be used for beginning students in the health fields... Would be appropriate for consumer health library collections in both public and academic libraries." —ARBAonline, 2013

Debt Information For Teens, Second Edition, "Entries are written in a clear and concise way that will appeal to most teens... [Provides] practical, easy-to-understand answers to many common questions about personal finance." —Booklist, March 2012

Cardiovascular Diseases and Disorders Sourcebook, Third Edition, "The latest addition to Omnigraphics' Health Reference Series upholds the Series' reputation as a solid resource for all reference collections." —American Reference Books Annual, 2006

Religious Holidays and Calendars, Third Edition, "Bellenir's helpful handbook provides an overview of the timekeeping and holiday traditions of the world's religions... Recommended." —Choice, September 2004